Material Handling Storage & Planning Specialist, Scott Hovis

Scott Hovis - Material Handling Specialist

Serving North Carolina

I’ve been with Advanced Equipment Company since 1994.  Starting out in inside sales, I assisted with allied product sales and sales support.

In May of 2001, I was promoted to outside sales as a Material Handling Specialist, responsible for sales and integration of Material Handling and Automation Systems.

Specializing In

Applications engineering and layout design, pallet handling, accumulation systems, furniture industry, ergonomic and lift-assist equipment, and project management of system installations.

Project Highlights

  • Implemented conveyor systems for Pallet Handling, Roll Handling, Carton Handling and Transportation, Carton Accumulation, Bottling, and Gravity Conveyor Systems.
  • Implemented lift tables for furniture industry inspection and assembly, roll handling, assembly line assembly, etc.
  • Implemented other products, including Mobile Storage for Racks and Shelving, Jib Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Pallet Rack, In-Plant Offices, Wire Partitions, etc.

AEC Team Highlights

Veteran Material Handling & Storage Planning Specialist, Scott Hovis, has been with AEC for nearly 25 years.

So what kept him around for so long? We got Scott on the line to talk about his career, his process, and some of his favorite clients.  Read More …


“Different jobs require different types of equipment, so I’m actually going and doing something different every day. That would probably one of the best things about my job that keeps me going.”

“The other thing would be the relationships with the customers I’ve built over long periods of time.  I’ve helped a lot of people and made some good friends.”