System Sales & Automation Specialist, Ivar Lonon in Cary NC

Ivar Lonon - System Sales & Integration

Serving North Carolina

I’m a material handling professional responsible for system sales and turnkey integration of material handling systems.

With over 30 years of experience in systems engineering, project management and systems integration, it’s my goal to draw on this intellectual property to deliver unique, cost saving solutions to my customers.

My material handling systems are known for performing as promised. I have a reputation for bringing in my projects within budget, on time, and with exceptionally high ratings, as corroborated by customer recommendations and testimonials.

I’m fully supported by Advanced Equipment Company and our world- class manufacturers, offering the best combination of products and service in our industry.

Specializing In

  • Sortation and Accumulation Conveyor Systems for Palletizing and Robotic Work Cells
  • Distribution Center Conveyor Systems
  • Conveyors to Integrate Packaging Equipment
  • Mobile Aisle Pallet Rack Systems and Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Ergonomic Lift and Positioning Equipment
  • Heavy Material Lifts for Floor to Floor Applications and Mezzanines

Project Highlights

Clients whose applications have required particularly complex solutions include:

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • FedEx
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Kellogg’s
  • Bway
  • Apex Tool
  • GKN Driveline
  • Verizon
  • GE
  • Moen
  • IBM
  • John Deere
  • Caterpillar
  • Nortel
  • Stihl
  • And many more

Salesmen of the Year

On May 25, Material Handling Specialist Ivar Lonon was awarded the 2017 Salesman of the Year Award by Darin Boik, President of Advanced Equipment Company (AEC).

This is Ivar’s third time around receiving this prestigious award since joining the team at AEC.

“It’s always an honor,” says Lonon. “This award is what we strive for every year. A lot of the time it comes down to two salesman running neck and neck to the last day of the year. In those cases, it can be a surprise as to who finally ends up winning.”  Read More …


“If you ever have the opportunity to work with Ivar, you’ll understand why he is so successful,” says AEC President Darin Boik.



AEC Team Highlights

“It’s more about the solution than the sale.”

Advanced Equipment Company Material Handling Specialist Ivar Lonon is not your typical salesman.

As a person who has worked in the material handling world since 1983, he understands the business inside and out, and cares more about the solution than the sale. Read More …


I’m a self-admitted do-it-yourselfer, so I can appreciate that customers are looking for value—not necessarily the lowest price but the most cost-effective and reliable solution to get the job done right.

I like to keep up with my clients plus share all of my current projects and case studies on LinkedIn. Visit my LinkedIn profile, connect, follow and keep in touch!