Engineered Systems & Conveyor Specialist, Charlie Williamson

Charlie Williamson - Engineered Systems & Conveyor Specialist

Serving North & South Carolina

I worked my way through Georgia Tech as a janitor.  Soon after graduating with a BS in Applied Psychology, I realized that I had a greater interest in entrepreneurship than I had in psychology, so I parlayed my experience as a janitor into a successful janitorial supply business.  In need of a new challenge, I sold the business in 1983 and entered the material handling industry.  This turned out to be the perfect industry for me for three primary reasons: no matter how much experience a client and I may have with a specific problem in material handling, there is always something new to learn; I love “hands-on” problem solving; and after a problem gets solved, I love the tremendous satisfaction that comes from knowing that each business I’ve served is better in some tangible way because I’ve been there.

Outside of the work environment, I’m an avid reader and a skilled ballroom dancer.

Specializing In

Since 1988, my specialty (and my true passion) has been conveyors and related systems. I have decades of experience in this ever-evolving arena of material handling, including manufacturing process conveyors, distribution center systems, robotics, sortation, and packaging equipment integration with conveyors.

Project Highlights

  • Helped develop and implement high-speed sortation for Shutterfly, which involved significant custom-design work on a conveyor system so that it could handle a high volume of over-sized boxes.
  • Helped design and implement a similar project for a major beer distributor.
  • Design of custom solutions for a client who needed to keep 8.5’ x 8.5’ rolls of paper moving, quickly and efficiently.
  • Creatively modified a conveyor system for the packaging of crackers hot from the oven, by creating a spiral conveyor which gave them time enough to adequately cool before being boxed for shipping.

How can I assist you?

In 2018 I was named AEC Salesman of the Year for the 10th time.  My company and my colleagues know as well as I do that I didn’t earn this honor by being a great salesman.  But I am a very good listener, and a very good problem solver.  Give me a call and let me put that skill-set to work for you!