Material Handling Storage & Planning Specialist, Brad Dowless

Brad Dowless - Material Handling Specialist

Serving North Carolina

Brad is no stranger to his territory, as he grew up on a tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina.  At the age of 20, he left the farm life to pursue a career in Material Handling that took him on many adventures.  

While working in Iowa six years later, he met his wonderful wife Jody and moved out to the Midwest. Once he established himself there, he started his own AGV installation business that took him as far as East Asia to install projects.  

Wanting to remain closer to home, Brad took a position with a Midwestern AGV company where he moved up quickly from Installer to Lead System Engineer. After a few years of system design, Brad moved into sales. But in 2017, Brad and his family moved back to his home soil of rural Eastern North Carolina.

Brad has degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology as well as a Master’s in Business Administration.  He has over 18 years in the material handling industry, doing everything from sales, project management, design and installation.  

With his technical knowledge and business acumen, he excels at building lasting relationships with his customers by helping them to successfully create and implement projects that consistently exceed their expectations.

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Despite being in the middle of grocery shopping, Brad was nice enough to take our call and tell us about his experience working around the globe, what brought him to AEC, and the unique value he provides to his clients. Read more …

“I think it’s adaptability. There’s no single project where you’re going to look at it and say “This is how it’s going to go,” from start to finish. You can’t plan projects that way. Things go wrong, things change, and so you have to be able to adapt to accomplish the goal of the customer.”