Vertical Lift Systems

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Vertical storage systems will maximize your floor space, increase accuracy and productivity.

With a vertical storage system, you can think of space expansion as “up” instead of “out”. You don’t have to deal with costly new construction or additions when an engineered vertical storage system may be the ideal solution.

Vertical storage systems improve productivity with rapid retrieval and reduced picking time. Our in-house engineers will guide you through every consideration. Our experts will help you make the right choice for your specific automated storage and retrieval solution and gain the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Vertical storage system options:

  • Vertical storage carousels
  • Vertical lift modules
  • Vertical storage towers

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems – ASRS – are no longer optional in today’s competitive environment, they are a necessity.

Companies around the world have found ASRS storage systems to be crucial in:

  • Minimizing labor costs
  • Improving inventory accuracy
  • Increasing output productivity
    Maximizing use of space

Vertical Lift Systems Vertical Lift Systems