Steel Shelving

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Industrial Steel Shelving: The basic storage shelving to fit your needs.

Our steel shelving units are versitile and can conveniently meet varying capacity requirements by assembling mixed or matched sections of the same depth and height.

Shelves have lapped and welded corners to provide added strength and durability. Basic pre-engineered units are 36″ wide, 84″ high, with shelves adjustable on 1 1/2″ centers. Shelving that require clips quickly lock into place, on either side of uprights. Shelves disengage easily for repositioning with no tools needed. Sturdy T-Post uprights provide continued durability for adding on rows of connected shelving units.

Some shelving options:

  • Bolted shelf units
  • Clip shelf units
  • Open and closed units
  • Wide span units
  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel units
  • Tool and bin storage units
  • Revolving bins
  • Modular drawer storage
  • Book cases
  • Wide variety of shelf decking: wire, board, solid steel

Steel Shelving Steel Shelving Steel Shelving Steel Shelving