Plastic Chain Link Belt

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Plastic chain link belt conveyor provides the best sanitation solution.

This type of conveyor has belts made of ‘easy to sanitize’ plastic and are used in industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, etc. Plastic chain link conveyor are usually conveying smaller items.

Often the perfect solution for challenging conveying applications, plastic belt conveyor are low maintenance, perfect for wash-down and sanitation, and they also eliminate many belt tracking issues.

Chain link belting is often used in clean rooms or reduced-noise zones, and is capable of both horizontal and vertical bends within one belt. Through our partners we also can design, engineer and install any type of plastic belt conveyor, including modular and heavy-duty applications.

In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, plastic chain conveyors are used widely in the food industries due to their USDA approval. They provide an excellent option when drainage or air flow is a concern. High-temperature plastic chain conveyors are also an option.

Common applications:

  • Food industries: USDA approved and BISSC certified
  • Beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Easy wash-down application
  • Medical devices and pharmaceutical industries

Plastic Chain Link Belt Plastic Chain Link Belt Plastic Chain Link Belt