Pallet Lifts

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Pallet Lifting and Handling: Load and lift pallets quickly and safely without bending or walking.

More items are shipped on skids or pallets than all other packaging methods combined. With our pallet lifting and handling equipment, loading and off-loading these pallets is not a back-breaking, time consuming job. Pallet lifting equipment helps speed up and simplify the process, safely increasing the amount of goods that can be shipped or received every day.

By maintaining a constant working height and nearside access as objects are added or removed, workers can build and break down pallet loads quickly and easily, while expending the minimum effort and avoiding the risk of injury. Rotators can further improve productivity and safety by eliminating manual restacking.

Your needs can be assessed by our team in order to equip you with the proper device to fit your application.

Pallet lifting equipment includes:

  • Spring and air actuated units
  • Roll – On units for use with hand pallet trucks
  • Turntables
  • Mobile Levelers
  • Pallet Stackers for storage access
  • Pallet Rotators/Inverters for load transfers

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