Overhead Conveyor

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Overhead conveyor provides flexible handling with a clear floor.

AEC is a proven leader in engineering automated overhead conveyor systems. An overhead conveyor – or inverted conveyor – is an elevated system. It’s similar to a floor-level conveyor but used to transport product above your facility floor. Overhead conveyor is driven by a chain and utilizes trolleys – the units that hold products/items. Trolleys are generally rings or hooks which can hold a considerable amount of weight depending upon your application. This type of conveyor is especially useful in applications requiring sharp bends or traveling through several floor levels.

As overhead conveyor specialists since 1960, we are proficient at helping facilities meet their productivity goals. Our team of engineers continue to develop overhead conveyors systems for multiple industries –from automotive to retail and manufacturing.  We’d be happy to provide you with the information you need to make your decision. Our solutions representatives guide you to the most efficient system after analyzing your specific operational needs.

Types of overhead conveyor:

  • I-Beam Monorail – heavy duty applications
  • Enclosed track – round tube for light duty
  • Enclosed track – box tube for medium duty
  • Power and Free – used to control loads to precisely interact with a variety of processes
  • Custom overhead conveyor solutions

Overhead Conveyor Overhead Conveyor Overhead Conveyor Overhead Conveyor Overhead Conveyor Overhead Conveyor