Gravity Conveyor

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Gravity and skatewheel conveyors are smart, power-saving solutions.

Gravity conveyor is an extremely cost effective material handling and accumulation innovation. No power is required, which can save you plenty on your energy bill. Gravity conveyors also offer a streamlined way to convey at an angle (though declines are typically limited to 4 to 7° based on the weight and bottom flatness of the cartons).

Gravity roller conveyor lets you use gravity to your advantage, conveying objects without additional power usage. A gravity system provides an efficient and low-cost material handling solution, with many styles and options available. Gravity conveyor can be either skatewheel or roller and can be used in receiving, shipping, assembly and a wide variety of industries.

Skatewheel conveyor is a great option for lighter-weight loads, with a smoother flow than other gravity roller conveyors. Skatewheel conveyor is frequently used with lighter material handling needs, such as in shipping departments.

Once we understand your needs, we will recommend, supply, and install the correct system for you.

Common applications:

  • Receiving, packing, shipping, stocking and assembly lines
  • Lean cells
  • Sorter divert spurs

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