Expandable Conveyor

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Flexible, expandable conveyor is portable and provides fast distribution.

Expandable conveyor is an ideal solution for moving product into and out of truck trailers, creating ad hoc assembly lines, and for packaging applications. An expandable conveyor generally has telescoping capacity to expand to up to three times the compressed length!

Flexible conveyors are made with versatility in mind, and are an exceptional choice for warehouse docks, assembling and shipping, or any place you need an instant, efficient conveyor line.

Types of expandable conveyor:

  • Telescoping conveyor
  • Flexible gravity skatewheel
  • Flexible gravity roller
  • Flexible powered rollers

Common applications:

  • Conveying product from multiple locations
  • Conveying around obstacles
  • Loading/unloading shipping areas and plant floors

Expandable Conveyor Expandable Conveyor