Boltless Steel Shelving

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Boltless Steel Shelving Units provide endless, versatile storage possiblities.

Boltless style shelving units are an economical and convenient choice for hand-loaded product. These shelving units have no clips, no sway braces, no bolts – making set-up, tear down, and reconfiguring easy while saving valuable time.

Perfect for counter high work tables, tire racks, work benches, packing and receiving tables, garment hang rod units, and more. Whatever you can imagine, we can probably create it with boltless unit parts.

  • Four side open access
  • Can span up to 8′ High
  • Spans 48″ to 96″ Wide

For heavier bulk boltless storage, shelving spans get extra support to accomodate greater capacities. Boltless shelving can be used to store a broad range of hand-loaded heavy materials such as bulky parts or hard-to-store items.

Standard boltless units can be used for quick, low-cost double entry storage. Sturdy access from all four sides for lighter duty usage.

Specialty boltless units are limitless. Whatever shelving type storage solution you can think up, we can most likely make it with our boltless style shelving components.

Boltless shelving benefits:

  • Quick labor saving installation reduces set-up cost
  • Steel frame construction – no sway braces
  • Rigid boltless connection between posts and beams
  • Secure double rivet connection
  • Universal assembly with interchangeable parts

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