Mobile Storage Concept

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Take your existing storage rack and make it mobile.  Free up valuable storage space and boost your productivity.

Static shelving wastes as much as 64% of available storage space. Mobilize your existing warehouse rack on space saving carriages and rails. Easily turns static storage into an efficient mobile storage rack system. Your current rack systems will gain up to 100% more floor space and workspace under the same roof.

Mobilized industrial storage benefits manufacturing, distribution and warehouse storage facilities by offering more racking and shelving units in the same amount of space. That’s because mobilized aisles easily open and close to provide quick, safe and full access to all key materials.

By moving side to side, the system is able to compact stored materials into a smaller footprint and provided 100% access whenever needed. And with the extra space and storage capacity you gain, you won’t need to build or lease additional space.

Increase storage space for essential materials such as dies or tooling in zoned work areas to boost overall capacity and output. Even under mezzanines, compact racking systems solve storage challenges.

Also available: an RF (radio frequency) remote. Enabling you to open a clear, unoccupied aisle, eliminating the time lost waiting for an aisle to be opened.

Fast and easy to install. Ask us how.

Mobile Storage Concept Mobile Storage Concept Mobile Storage Concept Mobile Storage Concept