Mobile Aisle Racking – Manual Light Duty

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Turn light duty static rack into a space saving mobile rack unit.

These manually operated mobile storage rack systems are designed specifically for light to medium-duty material storage and stocking needs within manufacturing, merchant wholesale and distributions environments.

Mechanically assisted manual storage system allows the user to compact the storage footprint while maintaining 100% SKU accessibility with the simple turn of a handle. The result is improved operational efficiency and increased productivity.

  • 7,000 lbs. maximum capacity per carriage
  • Designed to work with existing racking, shelving, and drawer systems
  • Three carriages can be connected in line with single handle control
  • Ergonomic handle with adjustable gear ratios to ensure ease of
    use, regardless of weight
  • Ability to increase weight capacity simply by adding additional rail and wheel assembly
  • Installs on existing concrete slab without the need for leveling with a second concrete pour or adding structural footings
  • Integrated safety lock prevents carriage movement while aisle is in use

Mobile Aisle Racking – Manual Light Duty Mobile Aisle Racking – Manual Light Duty Mobile Aisle Racking – Manual Light Duty