Vertical Systems Solution for EPS

Engine Power Source (supplier of engine parts for forklifts, generators and similar motors)

Project: Implement vertical storage system to reduce picking time

Engine Power Source (EPS) customers need parts ASAP. The ability to ship without error quicklyand to have the proper parts in stock is crucial. EPS was storing their parts in a 40′ x 40′ 2-level shelving catwalk mezzanine. Parts picking required a lot of walking and transport of parts between levels. EPS decided to move into a new facility and consolidate the parts into vertical storage system units to take advantage of the 18′ vertical height of the building.

Advanced Equipment Company consolidated the parts from shelving into three (3) 9′ x 9′ vertical storage systems. Parts are now protected from dust and are brought quickly to the operator through this vertical storage system. The picking window is well lighted and at a comfortable height. Picking speed has increased dramatically, along with inventory accuracy, and the ability to serve EPS customers.

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