Integrated Pallet & Product Handling System

Turnkey integration of pallet conveyor system for extremely heavy and hot spools of metal ribbon.

Systems Specialist: Darin Boik

Increased worker productivity, better ergonomics, and increased plant capacity are just some of the benefits realized by Metglas after the installation of the Hytrol conveyor packing system by Advanced Equipment Company.

Prior to the installation of the new conveyor system, workers were forced to manually move pallets on and off of the conveyor and dispense shipping cartons as needed.  The production floor personnel interacted closely with forklifts, which created a safety issue for this fast paced manufacturing environment.

The solution was provided by Advanced Equipment Company who served as distributor and system integrator for the project.  AEC worked closely with Metglas to design a system to meet their specific objectives.  The objectives were to provide a safe, ergonomic work environment, increase worker productivity and increase plant capacity without changing the process.  The packing system needed to be designed to automatically stack, dispense and apply labels to cartons.  AEC did the application engineering and equipment selection to make the design a realization.

After the installation of the packing conveyor system, it was apparent that the system was a success and had met all the objectives required by Metglas.  “The new conveyor system has eliminated the risk of back injuries on our packing line and also

Darin Boik, Account Manager/Systems at AEC, worked very closely with Barry Cates and the Metglas team to form a solid partnership essential to the success of the new pack-out system.  Reliability, communication and attention to detail were very important elements to this project.  AEC specializes in innovative thinking and attention to detail, but with a process and style that meets or exceeds the customers expectations.

Metglas testimonial:

 “We have a very good working relationship with the AEC project manager, Darin Boik.  From the quoting stage through the implementation stage, he has been responsive to our needs.”

“AEC reduced the amount of fork truck activity in the area.” says Barry Cates, Project Engineer at Metglas.  “…with the new automated packing system, we have realized increased worker productivity and put Metglas in a position for increasing plant capacity.”

What benefits were gained by Metglas?

  • Reduced fork truck activity
  • Eliminated risk for back injuries
  • Minimized operator interface
  • Safe and reliable automatic transportation
  • Increased work productivity
  • Increased plant capacity

Products that were integrated into an efficient system:

  • Pallet conveyor system
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Pallet collector
  • Toledo scales
  • Vacuum handling lifting device
  • Monorail and hoist system
  • Bar code readers
  • Control system with host interface to Oracle database

Showcasing Hytrol Custom Pallet Handling Test System

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