Case Studies

Hytrol E24EZ Accumulation Conveyor Delivers Faster Sweets

“We effectively communicated the benefits of the Hytrol E24EZ Accumulation Conveyor and were able to change the design for a couple of problem areas,” Hartman says. “We used the Hytrol E24EZ Conveyor with a special design customized to their needs.”

Not only is this system very user-friendly, it went a long way in helping Morinaga get up and running with very minimal interruption to their operation. “There are very simplistic controls for this system,” Hartman says. “It allows you to go in and install in a much quicker manner verses doing fancy logic, photo eyes, PLCS, etc.. They didn’t need a complex system like that.”

Automated System Eliminates Manual Loading

“Lowes wanted to do away with their existing manual equipment and get something that was more ergonomically fitted toward the operators,” says Scott Hartman. “They were manually pushing these loads down the long gravity line and, as you can imagine, it was a lot of work to push an 800 pound load down a piece of gravity conveyor.”

An automated conveyor was designed that completely eliminated the manual loading and satisfied Lowe’s ergonomic and safety concerns.

Adding Intelligence to Combat Product Flow Issues

“We added intelligence to the line to combat the issue of the rolls moving as soon as one is picked,” Hartman notes. “The system still allowed them to pick rolls from the side, but the EZ Logic is programmable to allow operators to pick from the side and the next roll will not advance until after a set period of time. Regardless of whether you pick from the side or the end, the functionality remains the same. That next zone will basically hold the roll for a period of time – set to 30 seconds. So operators can pick up the roll and drive away and the next roll will come down in 30 seconds. That functionality was not there before and it has relieved a lot of the problems they were having.”

Integrated Pallet & Product Handling System

Darin Boik worked closely with Metglas to design a system to meet their specific objectives. The objectives were to provide a safe, ergonomic work environment, increase worker productivity and increase plant capacity – without changing the process.  The packing system needed to be designed to automatically stack, dispense and apply labels to cartons.  We did the application engineering and equipment selection to make the design a realization.

Reducing Bottle-Necked Storage for Bottling

With 60% more storage available that didn’t exist before, Arcadia Farms has been able to devote space for additional storage and increase their staging area. And due to the mobile nature of the rack, the samples can be moved if Arcadia requires that space for larger tasks.  Overall, the mobile storage system solution allowed Arcadia a freedom that didn’t previously exist. It’s a luxury that they’re taking full advantage of now, says Scott Hovis.

Creating a Superior Pallet Transportation System

Technimark, a turnkey injection molding packaging and components manufacturer, was having issues conveying finished product from their Asheboro, North Carolina, manufacturing facility to its warehouse.  They needed a new pallet transportation system running new, more efficient technology.

Scott Hartman proposed the Hytrol 25CREZD conveyor with EZLogic Zones Accumulation. This solution would not only be able to stand up to the vigorous workload, but was also way less complex than the original system, which was a major draw for Technimark.

Vertical Conveying & Pallet Solutions for Efficient Bottling

This family owned farm grows into a major beverage distributor.  How? Through lean, smart automation renovation.

“Our first system took us from approximately six people on a line down to three,” says Arcadia Plant Manager James Ward. “So we went from 8,000 gallons of product to 16- to 20,000 overnight, pretty much, once we had installed the system.”  Arcadia was so pleased with this project, and with the Hytrol equipment that AEC installed, that Hovis and the AEC team have become their go-to resource for additional automation projects.


Safety and Labor Savings with Powered Conveyors

For more than a century, BWAY has offered packaging solutions for large manufacturers, container distributors, and small businesses. Now a market leader in the general line packaging industry, BWAY provides rigid metal and plastic containers across North America.

Pallet Handling System With A Lift

To assure their competitive position in the market place, Steelcase installed a group of CNC machine centers, each with full machining capability for all size panels of their wide ranging product line.

The challenge was to provide a reliable safe transport system to handle a wide range of unit load sizes between warehousing, machining and sanding departments. Reliable automatic control of the system was essential; operator interface was to be minimized.

Vertical Systems Solution for EPS Parts Supplier

Engine Power Source (EPS) customers need parts ASAP. The ability to ship without error quicklyand to have the proper parts in stock is crucial.  Advanced Equipment Company consolidated the parts from shelving into three (3) 9′ x 9′ vertical storage systems.

Furniture Floor-to-Floor with Overhead Conveyor

An automatic overhead conveyor system was needed that quickly conveys chair frames from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor of warehouse. Fairfield was designing a new layout for the production and warehousing area of their plant. In the new layout, the third floor became the storage area for product produced on the first floor.