What Is Material Handling? What Does AEC Do In The Carolina’s?

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Author: Darin Boik

Being in Sales I often explain what AEC is about. Yes, AEC is a Material Handling Company but Material Handling is such a broad term that I find it difficult to explain to someone without losing their attention. Our office literature rack is filled with all sorts of brochures from manufacturers that specialize in one particular area of Material Handling and we pull from all of it to solve a customer’s problem.

Within the industry we have a core business that we find our business model and talent best fit and that is what I want our customers to understand. This drove me to find a better way to showcase our capabilities and products while keeping their full attention. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I create a video to solve this problem. So now if you want to know what AEC is about, you can quickly understand our product line and capabilities by watching my short 90 second video.

Want to know more?  Got a material handling problem?  Give me a call, I am here to help you!  704-527-3141