Refrigerator Handling Solution, Camden SC

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Author: Darin Boik

Replacing this refrigerator manufacturer material handling system in Camden SC posed some challenges especially when it came to handing off a 350 lb. refrigerator from roller conveyor to an overhead conveyor system.

Advanced Equipment Company’s Brian Hester, carefully reviewed the requirements and chose to use Hytrol conveyor model 199-CRR with a special 4-strand power twist v-belt pop-up transfer that was designed to nest into the fingers of a “Bird Cage” type carrier on an overhead conveyor system. 

The overhead conveyor system was also provided by Advanced Equipment and manufacturered by 1st Source Products. The transfer had to rise up 3.5 inches above the top of the rollers in order to transfer this large refrigerator onto the carrier. This concept was applied for placing refrigerators onto the carriers as well as removing them from the carrier. See the video below to see it in action.