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Ergonomic Lifts for Manual Material Handling by AEC in Charlotte NC

Ergonomic Lifting Tips for Manual Material Handling

With our current workforce, ergonomics are a necessity.  Today, people are staying in the workforce longer, many workers are overweight, and different body builds are more adept for heavy, repetitive lifting than others.  Ergonomic tools level out the playing field for workers.

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Celebrating 50 Years With AEC - Tony Stewart Sales Support Specialist

Tony Stewart Celebrates 50th Year with AEC

On July 1, 2019, AEC Sales Support Tony Stewart marked 50 years of employment with Advanced Equipment Company. Starting in a sales position right out of college at age 22, Tony has seen the material handling industry change and evolve—but never once forgot what really matters.

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AEC Meet The Team - Tony Stewart Sales Support Specialist

Meet Tony Stewart, Inside Sales & Invaluable Support

Sales Support Specialist and Inside Guy, Tony Stewart, has been around for a while. He started at AEC right out of college in 1969 – less than a decade after the company was founded.

Over 50 years with the company, places Tony in a unique position of knowing exactly how AEC has changed over the years… as well as how it’s stayed exactly the same.

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Happy 4th of July from Advanced Equipment Company in Charlotte, NC

Happy July 4th Celebration

As we celebrate Independence Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank our clients, team members, and vendors for amazing opportunities, esteemed partnerships, and hard-working support. We wouldn’t enjoy the success we do today without you.

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