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Future-Proofing Conveyor Systems – Top 3 Features To Consider

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Future Proofing Your Conveyor System

In so many ways, managing your production flow is what lies at the very heart of your business. For this reason, as your business continues to grow, your decision about which conveyor system to invest in is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make.

The conveyor system you choose needs to balance two very different qualities: it needs to be an utterly reliable workhorse – downtime is simply not an option – but it also needs to remain highly flexible and adaptable, in order to adjust to the changing size and weight of the products being moved, as well as changes in workflow.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) is not coming at some point in the near future… It’s here now. And the businesses that thrive in this exciting but challenging new environment will be the ones that have understood that whether the work environment is a factory, a distribution center, a processing facility or a warehouse, the conveyor system they choose today needs to be one that is smart enough to integrate with and adapt to the software that will coordinate the warehousing systems and operating functions of the future.

Top 3 Essential Features to Consider:

  • Modularity – Modular control in each conveyor zone gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust work flow for maximum efficiency. Conveyor zones that are not actively moving product at any given time can be switched off, thus saving both energy costs and wear on equipment. This also makes for quieter operation, an enhancement to the work environment that team members on the floor really appreciate. But, arguably, the biggest advantage a truly modular system gives you is its flexibility. Like a set of building blocks, modular conveyor systems allow you to design custom solutions to fit your changing needs without having to radically reconfigure your entire conveyor system. Installation and maintenance become easier too. A high degree of modularity ensures scalability as well – the ability to ramp up quickly in response to higher demand for your products.
  • Zero Pressure/Minimum Pressure – Outmoded conveyor systems utilize permanent, active drives. As your products move along a conveyor, accumulation pressure builds up that can cause them to back up, collide, and become damaged. Choosing the right zero or minimum pressure conveyor system will significantly make system operation smoother, including palletizing, and will also significantly decrease the headaches and the costs associated with product returned by customers.
  • Smart, Reliable Monitoring Software – The newest systems put powerful tools in your hands, enabling you to closely monitor every detail of conveyor status, including wear and tear, so that you can be proactive and greatly reduce system downtime. The ability to monitor your system with this degree of accuracy and detail makes maintenance not only easier, but less expensive.

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