Industrial space in South Carolina at capacity? 2

Industrial space in South Carolina at capacity?

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Author: Brian Hester

In a recent article in the South Carolina BIZ, the commerce chief mentioned the state is exhausting it’s industrial space inventory. After reading that I immediately replied to the author that while visiting customers in the Columbia, Charleston and Aiken corridors of South Carolina, I see a lot of wasted industrial space as well. All you have to do is look around or look up to see space that is not being utilized.

Whether it’s a mezzanine to allow additional storage above a work cell, a vertical storage unit to allow high density small parts storage in a compact footprint or one of our latest mobile rack solutions which takes your traditional racking or storage shelving and puts in on a mobile platform.

So anytime I walk into a company looking at an expansion or simply out of space and needing help with their storage needs, I have a product that can fit almost every storage challenge.

Brian Hester is a Material Handling Specialist at Advanced Equipment Company providing integrated material handling and storage solutions for over 20 years.  Brian’s career started as an Electrical Engineer with an Automated Guided Vehicle company for 13 years before leaving the company and moving into a unique sales role at Advanced Equipment Co.  Now Brian’s mission is to use his engineering background and extensive knowledge base of a wide variety of products to produce custom solutions that solve customer’s needs. 

To talk to Brian about finding a solution that fits your application, you can email him at or call AEC at 704-527-3141.  Connect and chat with Brian on LinkedIn.