Meet Bobby Moran, Engineer & Material Handling Specialist 2

Meet Bobby Moran, Engineer & Material Handling Specialist

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From the Inside to the Outside.

“When a spot opened up at AEC, I decided to leave the factory design/engineering side and come over to the application/sales side – where I can combine both strengths.”

Meet the Newest Member of the Team

Though Material Handling Specialist Bobby Moran has been with AEC since January, his history with the company goes back more than a decade.  And despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, he’s been hard at work learning the ropes and, more importantly, learning about what makes AEC the successful business it is today.

We called Bobby at his home to talk about the path that led him here, and how his prior experience has been a great benefit for AEC’s clients.

What brought you to work for Advanced Equipment Company?

It was really the right time and the right opportunity. I’ve worked in manufacturing design for about 12 years, and I had previously been a client of AEC, so I stayed in touch with Darin (Boik, President of AEC) since probably 2009 or 2010.

When a spot opened up at AEC, I decided to leave the factory design/engineering side and come over to the application/sales side – where I can combine both strengths.

What can you tell us about your experience working with AEC in the past?

I was a manufacturing engineer at the time, and I had contacted a handful of vendors for a very unique, low-clearing lifting device we needed for our pack-out area.

Darin Boik was the only one who was even willing to quote it, let alone supply a working design. The solution worked great and we ended up replicating more of the same thing in different sizes. That kind of effort and those results spoke volumes to me about the AEC team.

And now that you’ve joined the company, what has your experience been?

It’s been going very well, though it’s been an odd time for sure with the pandemic scare. When I first started, I was going on-site and job shadowed Darin and Brian Hester, as well as a few of the other guys. It was the learning experience I needed; seeing what they do and how they go about their day.

Now I enjoy the change from dealing with the day-to-day things to project-based tasks and figuring out the scope of that project.  It’s similar to engineering, but now I’m also at the front end with strategic planning. I get to tailor-fit standard products to what my clients are looking for.  

You talked about what you’ve already learned. How much will that come into play now that you’re on the other side of the business?

I think it’s two-fold. Some of it is factory knowledge – knowing what a business may be looking for, what challenges they face, and how projects get approved.

Being able to develop a quote that’s tailored to answer and address questions of a controller or an accountant as well as an engineer, helps a lot.

Clients will want to look at things like depreciation, or the tax impact of, say, a modular building versus a permanent structure.  I’ve lived in that world for over a decade.

And the second part?

The second part is having a deep knowledge of how to minimize the downtime impact during an install, knowing how to apply safety equipment properly, and address current safety requirements.

Some clients like to do that on their own, but most clients depend upon my guidance for integrated services.

Is being able to call upon your past engineering experience your favorite part of the job?

Absolutely. It helps to know ahead of time some of the common pitfalls. For example, I’ve seen projects in the past where everything is worked out with a vendor until someone realized they didn’t have the power draw or access to the right PSI air.

What I really enjoy is going through a project holistically, walking through all the pieces, and integrating all of them together.  I’m working on a project right now that has some intricate challenges I have to piece together. All the components in place will make the application side of things pretty unique.

I like it when my client needs help with unique challenges. They give me the problem and let me work it out for them. They look to me to propose a solution that provides the most efficient, best results. That really sticks more to the engineering side of me. 

You say that the transition of your work/life balance has also been a welcomed change. Tell us about that. What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy running and biking, working on cars and motorsports.

I also have two sons, and family is most important to me. So not having to duck out to work a night shift or get called away from one of their activities has been a good change.

Creating and maintaining great working relationships is a big part of AEC. How do you see yourself continuing that tradition?

It’s a little bit of what I did before, but maybe on a deeper level.  It comes down to communication. You keep in touch and hold yourself accountable. You do what you say you’re going to do.  If you say you’ll do it tomorrow, you do it tomorrow, if not sooner.

Especially with the pandemic, I reach out every couple of weeks to my some of my clients. First and foremost, to see how they’re doing and how their business is doing. But then, to see if there’s anything we can help them with. And if they have a problem, I try to go on-site, following CDC procedures, and take a look to see how I can help.

All I can say is that integrity and honesty goes a long way. One thing I stand by, I promise my best and always follow through. 

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