AEC Team Profile | Brad Pearson - Engineer, Systems, Integration & Automation Specialist

AEC Team Profile, Meet Brad Pearson

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Learning From the Other Side
An Interview with AEC Material Handling Specialist Brad Pearson

Despite being with AEC for two years, Material Handling Specialist Brad Pearson still feels like the new kid on the block. But his experience in the engineering field gives him an edge when helping clients find the right material handling solutions.

Always on the move helping clients, we managed to get Brad on the phone to learn a bit more about him and ask how 21 years of experience as an electrical engineer in the industrial world helps him serve clients as part of the AEC team.

How did you come to work for AEC?

Darin Boik, Brian Hester, Brad Dowless, myself and several other AEC guys worked together 13 years ago at an AGV [Automated Guided Vehicles] company. Two years ago, Darin was being promoted to president of AEC and they asked him to find someone to take his sales territory. Darin called me up and here I am. Last year I traveled with Darin as part of the transition, so this is the first year with me doing my own projects.

How has the first year been?

It’s been great. It’s an ideal situation where Darin was very well liked and highly regarded, which made the transition easy. How could there be an easier transition than an existing, pleased and enthusiastic customer base? That’s kind of unheard of, so it’s been great. Big shoes to fill, though.

Is that a challenge? Filling Darin’s shoes?

It is. My background has been really technical; not on the sales level. Darin has great relationships with these folks, so I had to learn a lot quickly about the softer relationship side of the business. The technical side I felt comfortable with.

What have you been doing to keep those relationships strong?

If you care about what they’re doing and their position, that translates. I spent my whole career in their position. I’ve been the guy trying to make something work in manufacturing, so I can relate to their difficulties and hardships. I’ve been that guy looking for a solution on a budget and on a schedule, so I can relate.

Since you’ve been on the other side – what piece of advice would you give to someone looking to hire a material handling solutions company?

Look for responsiveness. At AEC, we understand budgetary and schedule constraints, so we work quickly to try to come up with solutions that meet the budget and schedule.

Lastly, what would you say you bring to AEC, or to clients looking for a material handling solution?

One thing I offer is a very detailed approach. In the consulting world, you can’t miss any detail because there are major ramifications, especially with utilities. In the material handling industry, sometimes there’s a more casual attitude, and little details can get missed. I try to do more detail upfront to avoid those kinds of problems.

Brad specializes in electrical industrial construction project management, automated controls and PLC programming, industrial engineering and maintenance supervision, process improvement methodologies, including Six-Sigma, Kaizen etc., and ETAP power system analysis, including breaker settings and coordination studies.

To talk to Brad about finding a solution that fits your application, you can email him at or call AEC at 704-527-3141.